Shaanxi Administration School is the training of civil servants and state-owned enterprises leading cadres, training of public administration and policy researchers to conduct social science research, providing consulting services to decision-provincial government agency is directly under the provincial department level units. Dean served as Secretary-General of the provincial government.

College has a long history, and its predecessor for bipartite northwest Party School established in September 1949. Government decided in 1998 in the former Provincial Administration College (Province Administrative Cadre Institute of Finance and Trade), Ministry of Economic Management Personnel Institute based on the re-establishment, the two schools have been sixty years of history, the 1980s and 1990s, was once the largest province cadres institutions, total training, college graduates more than 20,000 people.

Since the establishment of Provincial Administration Institute, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, the province around the overall situation, carefully grasp the functional orientation, better education and training of cadres has played the main channel and the main front, the formation of a relatively stable body training times, are: Office of the Secretary of provincial authorities special class; long monographic study of the province's new counties (cities, districts) classes; the county People's Congress of the province, county, provincial Director of organs, state-owned enterprise leaders cadre rotation classes. At the same time, actively expand training channels, according to the provincial government departments, the demand for medium-sized backbone enterprises, the creation of special training seminars to meet the diverse training needs. At present, the scale of training each year more than 3,000 people in recent years has been the training of civil servants, state-owned enterprises and a variety of leading cadres at all levels of more than 20,000 people. Academy training approach is novel, unique, flexible, especially for projects undertaken by the EU TOT conducted in-depth development, has become a highlight of the training of cadres working in Shaanxi, fully affirmed the provincial government and the National School of Administration.

College adhere to the teaching, research, consulting Trinity school policy, and actively promote research, closely integrated and comprehensive and coordinated development consulting work and teaching training. Major problem in recent years, around the provincial, the provincial center of a period of economic and social development of the province, the province completed the "second five" key planning issues, provincial departments, municipal governments commissioned a number of research projects . Successful completion of the National School of Administration Key Issues "Yan'an period Administration Institute and research the facts." Organized a study and implement the spirit of the party's congress, the party's ability to improve and build a new socialist countryside, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening up, learning seventh session of the Fourth, Fifth Plenum, the province's counties (cities, districts) economy development patterns and a series of theoretical seminars. A number of national and provincial research topics by province eighth, ninth Philosophy and Social Science Research Excellence, second prize, and in the "Seeking Truth" magazine. School "Journal" in 2010 was named "Shaanxi Key Social Science Journal", "National College Outstanding Social Science Journal," played a better college administration as the party and government advisers and assistants.

College adhere to open schools, the National School of Administration in 2010 as one of the first batch of the new teaching and research base, and with the five northwestern provinces and provincial departments of administrative institute, to the municipal government to establish a long-term strategic partnership, achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation commission to undertake significant research training and consulting projects. Jointly organized with the Open University of Hong Kong graduate education, more than 200 students enrolled. College of extensive cooperation and exchanges, has received a delegation of the European Union government, Vietnam, Poland, France, Singapore, the Republic of Djibouti, Afghanistan and experts, academics, National School of Administration, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, Central Government Organs training centers, personnel leading academics, senior civil servants or training centers and Shanghai, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Gansu and other provinces administration Institute and exchange visits.

College importance to strengthening its own building, efforts to improve the capacity and level comprehensive school. The existing staff of 430 people, including 170 full-time teachers, 16 professors, associate professors more than 90 people, and the State Council and provincial governments have special treatment experts. Retired employees 350 people, including 37 retired cadres. Existing vocational education students and more than 3,600 people. College has advanced equipment, comprehensive coverage of campus networks and a variety of modern training and teaching facilities, the hospital library collection of 25 million books, the newly constructed building of civil servants to meet the training needs of Shaanxi 300 people over the same period, from the hardware facilities for the college cadre education and training to provide a solid foundation. At the same time according to the building characteristics, require a high level of administrative college, college preparation "Twelfth Five Year Plan", the campus overall construction plan, do a good job of qualified personnel and establish a new system, combined with the actual implementation of the annual target of scientific assessment methods, and constantly Enhancing the management level.

In recent years, under the leadership of the provincial government's attention and concern, through unremitting efforts, the college has undergone significant changes, the majority of the staff is one of the new spirit, the whole college career to a new level. Currently, in accordance with the arrangements for the provincial government to study and implement the "" Shaanxi Provincial People's Government on further strengthening and improving the province's administrative School Work "as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, around the central task reform and innovation, forge ahead, do solid work, and strive to create unique, high-level provincial School of Administration, for the province's economic and social development and cadres to make new contributions.

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